GPS Tracking
School Bus
Administration Portal
User friendly interface
Class wise daily and monthly attendance reports.
Multi sessions.
Show and Go System

Easy to operate and user-friendly system
100% accuracy in attendance reports

Easy to operate and user-friendly system
100% accuracy in attendance reports

Easy to operate and user-friendly system
100% accuracy in attendance reports

RFID Walk-In Reader

The RFID Walk-In Reader is a more advanced version of the

RFID Show and Go model.

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Welcome to Indosmartcard a leading
RFID and BIOMETRIC attendance system provider in India.

We started our services when we found a big gap between a client and provider then we stepped into the field to fulfill the gap in the industry. It past two years in industry and we proudly say now our business got thrice due to the quality of service we have provided. We believe in your challenge, our progress. If you are at Smart Attendance System then no need of searching for other services as we a good package. We say Smart attendance system is one step solution for your ideas.


This is what we call a Technology which actually simplifies or Automates the Process of Attendance of Students in Schools and Colleges. Taking attendance in a school or college wastes much of time of a Teacher and in that too, institution fails to reach the accuracy level. They are unable to find the exact percentage of attendance of any Student.
Parallel to it, parent and administrator should be updated about the presence of each student and staff for which SMS will be fired to each parent and administrator on each card Accessed by the student or staff.

Why RFID Attendance System to Students?

School utilizing RFID innovation stay ahead as a part of rivalry. keeping up programmed consistency of understudy participation and making a move against late-comers and non-actively present people,schools can improve scholarly execution of understudies as well as assume a dynamic part in the all encompassing advancement of every understudy.

How RFID & Biometric System Works?

Smart Attendance System has developed RFID & Biometric Attendance management application for schools & corporate offices. This system is very easy to use, Here simply student & employee will have our RFID card tags, we will fix a RFID Readers in schools & Offices, The student & employee have to show his RFID card to device, device will scan unique Code RFID tag, And it stores the data and send data to our cloud server through GPRS, School & office will have application to check reports.