About the GPS Tracking System GPRS Based

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is an one of application software to determine the exact location of vehicles, persons and etc. GPS Vehicle tracker is one device that maintain one recorder that carry exact location where the person/ device is moving on. GPRS Tracker connect with GPRS that contact with server to get proper requested information. GPS Tracker intimate exact information to the users due to the special integration of algorithms for data export, SMS based services. Once the connection from either GPRS or Server, GPS tracker capable to store minimum information about your request and those solutions in internal memory. GPS trackers always work with the communication and co-ordinations among the GPS satellites.

GPS Vehicle Tracker popular in schools buses, vehicle tracking systems and several kinds of security organizations for identify the exact location of vehicles and persons. If you want to take long trip then try with GPS Vehicle Tracking System that will helpful to find out each path where you want to go. GPS Vehicle Tracking System completely works like route guide for travellers.


GPS tracking device uses Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.


  • Vehicle Tracking System is easy to use and user friendly.
  • It gets precise co-ordinates from GPS satellites.
  • In absence of GPRS, it stores the position data in memory.
  • It could send the location data on SMS request.
  • Accurate data Export and SMS based settings.


  • Operation System: Windows Compatible.
  • Processor: ARM Cortex M3.
  • Memory: 16 Mb Flash Memory, 512KB SRAM.
  • Communication Ports: GPRS,USB.
  • External Ports: 3 Digital In, 2 Digital Out and 1 Analog In.
  • Antenna: GPRS and GPS External.
  • Ignition: Ignition Status and Controlling.
  • Battery: Li-Ion(4 Hours), 3.7 V,1.1Amps.
  • Weight: 250 Grams, Dimensions: 110*85*25.
  • FREE SDK/Demo Software Provided.
  • Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Application Areas:

  • School/College Bus Tracking.
  • Vehicle Tracking System.
  • Fleet Management System.
  • Taxi Fare Calculation System.
  • Security Management System.
  • Trip and Mileage Calculator.
  • Trip Distance and Time Calculator.