RFID Cards

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) designed with electromagnetic fields for identify the tags of objects those tags maintain electrical information about the objects. RFID card device works similar to the bar code reader and it accepts magnetic strip on back side of credit card or ATM card through inbuilt small chips & antenna and provide tracked information up to 2000 bytes to the RFID device manager automatically. It maintain unique bar code for each card those cards useful to maintain security for corporate sector. RFID card reader works best than the Barcode readers due to the significant advantages such as simple battery replace, long range scan and available in PSK, MIFARE & EM formats.

Example: Corporate sectors place the RFID card reader at one place in office for maintain secure environment. If you put required groceries in your bag and put that bag around 20 feet distance from RFID card reader then the bag will scan from that RFID scanner.